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As per title, my offspring is soon to be a teenager and would like a gaming pc. Neither they nor I have any knowledge, I did pop into one of the big sheds and one of the young salemen stated certain things it should have. I was thinking of this one from very. Can any knowledgeable person offer any help? Thanks


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    I'm just building a gaming PC with a similar spec to that one. That particular graphics card (gtx 1660 super) will play most new games on ultra and high settings that come out this year and almost certainly next year. After that you will probably find that you have to turn some of the game graphics setting down a bit.  Type the name of the graphics card into YouTube, there are plenty of reviews.  The case is a bit boring, but that's just me, and I would want more storage. The next graphics card up is an RTX 2060 which will future proof it for a little longer but expect to pay a bit more.

    As an alternative to the sheds have a look at a company like AWD-IT who will custom build one for you. The prices are very competitive and you can tweak their configuration to mirror the Very one as a guide.

     A couple of other good online retailers to check out that custom build are Scan and Overclockers.
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