What's the most profitable combination of sites ?

I've been giving this a bit of thought over the last few weeks and I wondered if I am missing something.  I am currently throwing all of my survey efforts into Swagbucks and Prolific (supplemented with a bit of Mystery Shopping with MarketForces, IPSOS, Retail Active, TERN, Mystery Shoppers and ESA).

I am getting a couple of surveys a day from Prolific worth anywhere between a £1 and £2 a day (but having to be quick) and getting around 300 points a day from Swagbucks for answering as many of their 30 point plus surveys as I can swallow (along with Swagcodes and the daily list).  Mystery Shopping is a lot more hassle obviously but am doing mainly online and telephone and getting £5 to £10 for each one (and I am doing probably a couple a week).

Am I missing any other major sites or opportunities that would be more profitable based on the time I invest ? I appreciate Pinecone is a winner but never seem to get registered.  Is QMEE worthwhile ?  Are there any others that I should be seriously looking at ?


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    On many surveys Swagbucks can pay 10% or less of what you can get compared to going direct to the actual survey sites (25p for a £3 survey for example and worse). - The MSE list includes direct survey sites as well as the like of SBs and Toluna.

    I used to get near £50 a month just from "watching" mobile and website videos (almost without any intervention) on swagbucks but that was slashed to a fraction of that even before the impact from Covid.
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    You never really know until you try, but Qmee isn't good from an hourly rate of return point of view.
    There's a survey on there now that pays 67p but according to Qmee it's taking on average 37 minutes to complete!
    Mystery shopping is probably the best return even if it's nowhere near as good as the "good old days" when you could earn over £100 a day from it.
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  • Thanks...good point about going direct to the survey sites for a better ROI.  Mystery shopping is good but obviously limited at the moment due to COVID and, based on what you say, I'll probably steer clear of Qmee as it sounds a bit of a SB duplicate.  Was just curious if there was some obvious thing that I was missing or some joyous site that was similar to Prolific (which I adore).  Thanks once again !
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    I find Crowdology pays well for me, better than most you mentioned in terms of time to pay-out.
    Probably get screened out of half still but the dashboard doesn't fill up with loads of options, most i've seen on there is 9 at a time.
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    I am curious to know about the best mystery shopping sites ors apps? Worth getting into it?
  • ceb1995
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    I find Qmee to earn me more in a month than swagbucks does, as screen out of swagbucks surveys much more often but that could just be my demographics.
  • I like a mix of Prolific, Qmee and Branded Surveys. Agree Crowdology is generally good but been having problems recently getting payout to Paypal and they bar you regularly from taking some surveys with no reason given. Qmee is good for instant money transfer and no  payout threshold either, but loads of screen-outs. 
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