3 years debt free - is it possible?

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I've drawn up this scheme in my head but I feel like I'm missing something 

Currently me and my partner earn 95,000 after tax between us
We keep 800 each in our current accounts and put 1000 on a joint card between us for household bills / supplies
5,000 then goes into savings
I also do some work on the side which nets me 1700ish after tax which i put into S+S ISA (ive taken on this much purposely just for these reasons)
We rent for £500 a month, my car is covered by my car allowance from the business and my partner doesn't yet drive but will be getting an electric car through the business

The plan is to save the 5k per month for the next 12 months and then buy a £250k house (my credit is shocking as just under 3 years ago i had to have both knees replaced at 26 and accrued a lot of bad credit / debt due to being in a wheelchair) using the HTB scheme which would get us a 60% LTV mortgage and a very low rate.

We would continue to live off the same money for the next 3 years, putting away 5k per month and maxing out my S+S ISA and then pay off as much of the mortgage (hopefully even all) at the end of the 2 year fixed period

Forgive me if im missing something but from someone who was up to their eyeballs in debt a few years ago living at his mums, I feel like theres something im not taking into consideration here, does this look like it is doable?


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