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Hello - I am seeking advice about gym membership rules due to Covid 19. I have 12 month gym membership with Bannatyne which runs out in Nov20. Club froze all memberships in March- July die to Covid 19. I am not able to visit my gym on regular basis because I work from home now and the gym is located near my office. When I enquired about cancelling the membership I was told that due to due 4 months freeze I am obliged to pay until March 2021. There is no mention of this kind of scenario in my contract. Can they do this? 


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    Like you, I am seeking advice as my contract has been extended by 5 months, due to Covid. As much as I appreciated the payments were 'frozen' over lockdown, I did not expect to have the 5 months tagged on. I assumed my original 12 month contract would still expire after 12 months........rather than 17 months.
    I have been in contact with Bannatynes & been advised that the contract can be cancelled, but the remaining months need to be paid off. They have directed me to a part of the contract that reads
    "......payments of a minimum of 12 monthly subscriptions"
    so I guess they are determined to get 12 monthly payments, even if the time extends past this time.

    Can anyone else advise?

    I assumed my 12 month contract would end after 12 months. Covid was not the choice of any Bannatyne members - can they INSIST a contract continues, with no alternative but to pay? 

  • They can insist on adhering you the contract you agreed with them.  You of course can do the same.

    I don't think Covid was the choice of the gym either, from what I've heard.
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