hi I've got a dispute with Luton council, I enquired about the single person discount, and I was told mine ceased in 2012 and I've been living alone and paying full tax, thinking my discount would just carry on as I paid by direct debit,I'm  trying to claim the overpayments back but they said as they can't prove that I was living alone they will only refund from April 2020 and I want to know where I stand in getting my money back from them 


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    surely they can check the electoral roll to find out 
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    I find it hard to understand how some people just don't check their DD from one year to the next, or even monthly when you log into your bank account or look over you bank statements.
    When it comes to paying anything to the government, you cannot leave it up to them, it's up to us the customer to ensure that what we applied for is still ongoing.
    I wish you well, but you may have a hard time as Councils are really hurting and will be hard pressed to give rebates.
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    Electoral Roll proves nothing.

    There are people living in UK who are not eligible to vote, thus will not be on ER. Also not everyone is honest when providing info for inclusion on ER (NB, I am not suggesting you would do such a thing)
    If you are querying your Council Tax band would you please state whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales
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