Rate per hour + Statutory Holiday pay meaning?

Iv recently been accepted into a new job as a teaching assistant at a further education college and I’m trying to get my head around the pay.

When I asked about pay I got an email back saying it was “£8.72 + £1.05 holiday pay = £9.77”. It’s through an agency and Iv just looked through the time sheets they’ve given me for the next year and the hours go through at £8.72 per hour. I’m confused as to where the £1.05 comes in and how this gets paid?

The email to me suggests it’s added on to the the £8.72 making it £9.77 per hour? However looking at the time sheets i will only get paid £8.72 ph?

im completely new to education and this way of getting paid so I guess my question is what will I be paid per hour and where does the statutory holiday pay come in? 
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