MSE Poll: How do you rate your broadband provider?

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Poll started 18 August 2020

We can tell you which are the cheapest broadband providers, but to keep our customer service ratings updated, we need your help. Please rate your BROADBAND provider on customer service (not price) over the past SIX MONTHS.

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  • Consumerist
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    Glad to see response numbers added to the page.
    Do the charts need to be quite so HUGE or are most of us 80+ years old?
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  • Gerry1
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    edited 18 August 2020 at 10:24PM
    The results are very poorly presented.  Green for poor service?  That's like having the accelerator pedal in the middle !  What's wrong with Red (Poor), Amber (OK) and Green (Great)?
    And it really doesn't help having different X-axis scales, they should all be the same.  There should also be a 'Value' category.
  • pollypenny
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    edited 19 August 2020 at 8:58AM
    I had a problem last week, with intermittent signal unless I was tight next to the router. 
    The adviser was superb  very patient, he realised that we are older had had a bit of a struggle to access the different plugs, were vague about certain terms, so he asked if we were indeed older and had any vision or hearing problems. 

    He's put us on a vulnerable register and arranged an engineer visit, at no cost, enough though the BB is working now. 
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    Words, words, they're all we have to go by!.

    (Pity they are mangled by this autocorrect!)
  • Afourteen
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    With BT. Yes I know, probably on the most expensive deal but it's the best one for the household as we have to live between two locations due to elderly family. Would have rated service as excellent except for the changes they have made this year causing us to have to change just about every password - including the BT BB one around 4 times in one day!
    The most useful benefit is the ability to be able to log onto BT BB just about anywhere in the UK. Not clear if BT is still part of 'FON' network - that was useful when traveling.
  • batemansxxxb
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    Shell energy broadband. i rang them a couple of weeks ago to inform them that i was moving home & they couldn't offer fibre where i was moving to, the guy on cancellations was great,even said why should i pay a cancellation fee if SE couldn't offfer the same  service where i was moving to, he put me through to sales to confirm this, the guy on sales was very unhelpful &  inflexible,he said that as they could offer copper based broadband i would still have to pay the cancellation fee, so i put in a complaint through Resolver,but they can't be bothered to answer my complaint :|
  • whirlyhead
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    Andrews and Arnold. No one has heard of them, they are a very small team, you get through to them in seconds and they are blooming marvellous.  After years of misery with BT I've now had 5 happy years with these guys.  Not cheap but I don't care.
  • imho
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    We are with BT WiFi and landline Phone,no problems with BT, Our router had a problem and BT sent a new Router the next day,

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