Consultation period and selection criteria

Complex situation but I will keep this to 1 of my main questions, thank in advance. (I intend speaking to ACS tomorrow as well)
Last Monday myself and my colleagues had a Business Update meeting put into our diaries, for the Tuesday morning (all individual meetings). I noticed that mine and one other person had a longer meeting than the others, and that our Director was also on our meeting invitation, not the others.
At that meeting I was told I was being put at risk of redundancy for a specific reason - one of my largest customers was moving to a newly formed team and being aligned to another customer of similar size, both to be managed under a person a grade higher. I've managed this customer for over 3 years and not had anyone suggest it needed to move. 
When I asked I was told that 2 roles were being removed and 2 people were at risk. Everyone else had letters stating they had been successful. 
No one was told there was anything going on, any redundancies were looming. There has clearly been a process in the background that no one was available and we haven't yet seen any selection criteria. No one has had to apply for any jobs.
Does this seem right?

2016 - £3641.26
2017 - £7779.28
2018 - £11,515.16
MFiT-T4 # 59 - reduce mtg to £195,000; MFit-T5 - reduce mtg to £140,000
01/2/2015 - £243,750
31/12/15 - £235,906.71
31/12/16 - £224,120.98
31/12/17 - £210,224.06
31/12/18 - £190,821.21
Mortgage today £152,150


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    If the people being retained were of a higher grade or had skills or qualifications you and your colleague did not possess then the company have not breached employment laws.
    If you are querying your Council Tax band would you please state whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales
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    No requirement to know what management are planning if there's a minor internal reorganisation that reduces headcount. Understandably you've taken this personally. While from the Directors perspective it's purely business. Is there any possibility of you being offered an alternative role within the business? 
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