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Online Garden furniture purchase - delivery an assembly gone wrong!

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Online Garden furniture purchase - delivery an assembly gone wrong!

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Dear all, 

I am looking for advice on what to do. It is the first week since delivery of garden furniture from an online company called Out and Out. I have shopped with them before the pandemic and their customer service was good. I decided to order a garden sofa suite and table and chairs on 25th March 2020.I opted for the company to assemble the items as they were large and lots of pieces, I wanted a professional assembly to make sure that they would stand up to usage in the garden.  I understood that due to these unusual times things would be slow and I remained positive with updates sent to me on occasions as to the status of my order. I  was notified that my order was finally going to be delivered on Monday 27th July 2020.

Two people arrived around midday and to be honest I thought I was in a slapstick comedy show from start to finish. 
They were odd, in a huge rush and kept on telling me that they needed to get back with the van they hired by 3pm. They used the tools that were supplied in the packaging and set about constructing the tables and chairs. They managed to break an Allen key. They dropped and lost others in the gaps in the decking. The battery operated screwdriver they brought with them didn't have the correct bits, so they managed to round off almost every screw that they turned. Leaving most sticking out and wobbly joints.
It was frustrating watching them construct the furniture and I offered them tools that I had. They forcibly assembled some pieces and others they left part assembled and eventually told me that they would need to return and that they flagged issues up with the company. They promised that they would come back in two days as they needed to replace some of the screws that were rounded off as they were unable to tighten the screws and  bolts. They said there was nothing further they could do. I expected furniture covers to be supplied that I paid for, at the same time and I was informed by them that thy would come separately as the company had sold out. 
It was really unusual as they left me with all the packaging to dispose of and refused to take the boxes with them saying they 'weren't licensed' I hadn't heard anything like this before. 
If you have gotten this far, I thank you for reading this, there is just a little more to my tale. On that Monday 27th, I emailed Out and Out raising concerns about the construction and assembly. I received an automated email saying that they would get back to me within 5 days. On Thursday, having failed to returned to do the screws and rectify the mess that they made of the construction and 'radio silence' I completed two faulty reports to Out and Out which promises a 48 hour response. By this Monday 3rd August 2020, I still heard nothing and the 48 hrs deadline set by themselves expired as well as the 5 day response. I called them and left a voice mail message. The 48 response instructions stated that should you not hear from them, that you should escalate to support and email them directly. I did this yesterday and again got the same automated response stating that they would get back to me within 5 days.
I don't know what else I can do, the furniture isn't fit for purpose, we were advised not to sit on them until they returned with the screws. They are so badly assembled that they wobble and move about. The table moves when you brush against it, I am worried to place anything on them, the benches have gaps and wobble and you can see that that bolts aren't in place property.  I looked forward to receiving these for so long. I am extremely disappointed by the people that they sent and by the lack of response from the company. they are still taking orders but they are not supporting existing customers with problems created by their own contractors. 

How do I get through to them or what options do I have. The longer I leave it the more anxious and upset I feel. 
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