flase eyelashes, is this normal?

hi, so ive had my eyelashes done semi permanent ones and I love them but they're abit stingy which is making me wonder if im allergic. Just normally they're OK i don't feel anything its only when theyre wet. I only had them done yesterday so I avoided getting them wet but today I cried and my eyes burned like hell. Also had a shower tonight and they got wet and again really hurt. Am I allergic or have they been applied incorrectly?? I'll be gutted if I can't keep them  :(  they're just classic lashes. Would Russian lashes be any different as they're not as heavy or is it more to do with the glue? Thanks 


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    Hi, I used to have extensions and now I wear strip lashes, both different types of glue and it happens to me too with both, its the glue not the lashes, I haven't worked out a solution yet but what seems to help when the stinging started was to hold a towel to my eyes quite firmly without moving it, sorry I can't be of more help but you're not alone and for me, anyway its not an allergy just an annoyance and one I'm prepared to work with, hope it works out for you.
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    Cynthia12 said:
    I don't like false eyelashes. It looks strange for me
    Thanks for your contribution.
    It is the glue as Serena pointed out and it usually gets better after 2-3 days
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    I've had temporary /semi permanent lashes a few years ago, the glue used to sting a little as you open the eyes when they'd been done. But not after that, I went to a different place and she used a different glue for sensitive eyes and that didn't sting.
    I would be worried if they sting every time they are wet, and would contact the beauty parlour where you had them done . 
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    Is it a new place you tried to your usual place 
    no beauty aesthetics are to be done At the moment nothing  above the chin.
    hope you feel better soon..
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