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Hi, I wondered whether anyone could offer some advice please? My partner and I are due to get married 30th October. We are unsure whether to go ahead with 30 people and feel that we would prefer to postpone the wedding to next year when it is more likely that we can have full/increased numbers. 

We have reserved a wedding date for a year's time with the same venue; however the venue said that we cannot cancel this year's date with them until 6 weeks before when it would be their decision to move the date if they cannot fulfil the contract numbers (60 minimum day and night). They would then move our date with no additional charge. However, if we do decide to cancel before this they advised it is considered a breach of contact and that we need to pay next year's prices plus an admin fee for moving the date, which works out as another £4k approximately which we cannot afford. The packages for next year appear to have changed too so its 80 day guests and 90 evening so we'd need to invite more guests.

We feel that waiting til 6 weeks before the wedding seems to be cutting it really close and I don't want to mess my suppliers about and attend dress fittings and makeup trials etc if we would like to postpone. I can't find anything in my contract about a 6 week cut off period. I wondered whether anyone else was in a similar position and whether they have just carried on wedding planning knowing that if the numbers remain at 30 they would prefer to postpone? Hope this makes sense! Thanks for any help you can offer! 


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    Get married this Oct with as many family and close friends as will be allowed and have a 1st anniversary party next October.

    ie - get married with the two of you, two witnesses and the officiant -   have a drink down the pub. 

    It's the getting married bit where you make those promises that's important - not the party.
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    I would look to get married this year, why put put it off when it's so close. You are married, can see in the new year married as planned etc. And then have a party if you want when you can.
    After the wedding you could always have a nice meal with a few more people, maybe find somewhere with 5 tables and you're sorted. 
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