schools returning 2 days a week due to covid 19

in N. Ireland
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I live in Northern Ireland and have a 7 and 8 year old. We received a letter from the headteacher informing us that they will be returning to school for 2 days a week in September.  Along with the fact that I believe my children are being deprived as a right to education in only attending 40%, I am a key working parent and dont know how I will manage!  I also believe my children’s mental health is being affected especially when they hear that their cousins who live locally are returning to their schools as their schools have been proactive in approaching empty establishments and using them as their classrooms. I have approached some of the governors and been told our budget is too tight to introduce these measures as more teachers would be needed to facilitate the extra classrooms. Has anyone got any advice as September is fast approaching and dont know where to turn. 


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