Do they need to tell me their criteria?

Asking on behalf of my friend. 

She’s the only one of the team being made redundant. She does admin for the team and reduced workload meant she got the push to save the team money. 

She’s confused to the whole process and so am I. She’s not been coping with lockdown and generally life since Jan and went of with stress after she had the first notification of redundancy. She’s not been to the meetings and her union have went on her behalf. The union were supposed to ask questions on her behalf and she felt like they were going to ask questions that she put forward. Union guy isn’t picking up emails or phone. 

They did an Occupational Health report and wouldn’t let her attend meetings. She didn’t agree with the OH report and wasn’t allowed to attend meetings and her union went. 

She’s put in an appeal and meet with boss. They wouldn’t tell her the justification of why she was picked. She doesn’t understand as she reduced her hours earlier in the year and feels she’s got enough work to do plus she’s a lot cheaper than the other staff and their roles have also been reduced. 
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