Xbox One S Hard Drive Help

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Hi, can anyone help our situation please?
My son dropped our Xbox one on the wooden flooring with a big loud thud. It would turn on but make a beeping noise then turned off. I’ve done all the usual YouTube videos, self help Xbox chats. Husband opened up the Xbox and found that the hard drive disk arm isn’t moving to read the disk. It is broken. The little prongs aren’t connecting he says. So can anyone tell me how I can get all our game data off the hard drive please? Son has years and hours of all the Lego Marvel and adventures games that’s he’s completed with great joy. We aren’t subscribed to the Xbox Live so I’m guessing game data is stored on the hard drive not disk? 
How do we replace the hard drive and where from? It’s a 1tb. Xbox is out of warranty. 


  • dan958dan958 Forumite
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    I'm not familiar with Xbox's. Do they use any sort of cloud backup that you can recover from?
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    Thanks for your reply dan958. I am also not familiar with Xbox. I have been busy today but tomorrow I am going to contact Xbox direct to discuss my options. Thank you.
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    You don't have to be subscribed to Xbox Live to use the cloud saves you just need to be signed into a profile online and it should automatically save online, Microsoft are unusually generous about this.  The drive sounds like it's beyond recovery so the only option is to try a replacement drive, sign in with the original profile and see if it syncs up with a cloud save..
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    Arm not moving does this mean ( if its a standard hard drive ) that the hard drive has been opened .
  • TheOldSeaDogTheOldSeaDog Forumite
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    You can use an external hard drive, as long as it USB 3.0
    Sound to me like you might have a heatsink issue.

  • LumstormLumstorm Forumite
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    I doubt you can do anything to recover from the hard drive the fact that it sounds like the drive has been opened means it likely will have been contaminated with dust.. Hard drives are supposed to be opened in a controlled clean room environment and recovery from a broken hard drive is an expensive process.
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    Please post images of what you found that was broken!
    Arm not moving suggests you opened the hard drive casing which:

    A) is very difficult to do
    B) will have killed the drive

    More likely it's a bent connector or something came loose, pictures will help us see what you are referring to
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