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Morning everyone. New poster looking for some advice.
During my mid/late 20's I ran up various debts with 3 bank credit cards, student overdrafts on 2 High Street banks and a few pay day lenders.

As they became unmanageable. I did start to repay some of the debts through informal agreements after the debts no longer accrued interest and after most had been passed to collection companies but about 5 years ago, I stopped paying after paying minimal amounts on most sporadically.

I have subsequently moved house a few times and the debts have been passed back and forward by various collection agencies etc. I still have had various correspondence via letter from some asking me to make agreements etc but have never responded . They don't seem to be able to recover anything from me unless I do it voluntarily. All assets aren't in my name etc. 

I have lost communication with most of the companies who initially were chasing me. So have totally lost track of who and what I have to pay. Best estimate is I owe 20k to 30k overall. 

I am now fortunately in a position were I think I can repay this, having now secured a regular income and saved some money over the last few years. 

Should I pay now and try to get back to debt free and if so how do I find out who and what I owe or should I continue to ignore and just not look to take credit out again? 

Thanks in advance. 


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    The best way to find out is to get a copy of your credit report and look at the defaults on there, it should show who and how much. 
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