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After 2 years loss adjuster appointed by insureres

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After 2 years loss adjuster appointed by insureres

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helplessvevhelplessvev Forumite
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hi can any on give advice please,

2 years ago I had a minor leak from a soil pipe, 

to cut cut a very long story short following events happened.

insurers appointed surveyor and builder to complete dry out after I had leak fixed by my plumber.
insureres building contractor attended property and took walls back from plaster to brick  and ceramic tiles up on floor contractor did not cover up house sand and cement dust went everywhere as industrial dehumidifiers used circulated around house .After four weeks in property with dehumidifiers going 24/7.

new builders appointed by insurers and attended property and notified insurers asbestos present under floor tiles and exposed wall previously worked on.

myself and family told to leave property and placed in a hotel for 1year.

property had to be emptied fully as ACMs present everywhere all contents everywhere kitchens sofas clothing radiators everything etc.

when contents cleared BER list created but not catalogued correct missing items of at least 50% ,insurers accept mistake had happened and asked could I write a list and send .imagine task of doing this!

Have just sent list as taken forever and insurers have photos thankfully, but now insurers want a loss adjuster involved ?

i would never of been in this position if insurers had not employed negligent contractors any advice appreciated. 


  • mojo1mojo1 Forumite
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    If you aren't happy start with an official complaint.
  • FlameCloudFlameCloud Forumite
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    When hospital passes like this comes in it invariably comes with instructions to get rid of/settle the claim as quickly as possible. 
  • SandtreeSandtree Forumite
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    Its surprising they have waited this long to appoint a loss adjuster, but it sounds like the size of the issue has gone up in modest steps each time rather than a big bang.

    What are you actual concerns? A decent loss adjuster will oversee the claim and push it forward
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