I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel...

Hi all, 

I am here, finally at a point of seeing some debt free freedom! 

I have been working on a spreadsheet for most of the day, given myself a headache and bitten down most nails... BUT it has been worth it. 

My finalised total of debt is £7,833.47. I am aiming for this to be gone by November 2021. I have my expenses laid out until January 2022, and I am able to forecast outgoings. I know there will be things that crop up and I know I got to prepare for other things going on around me. But, I truly believe, that if I am sensible, that I will be debt free within 16 months. 

I have been in debt for the past decade. I am paying back four lenders that had the payments default (therefore now three debt collection agencies)  and I have only a small amount of time left before the defaults are removed (01/08/2022, 04/05/2022, 01/06/2022 and 30/09/2022), but two will be partially settled (they are with the same debt collection agency) as an agreement was made with them to clear a balance with a discount in place. 

I can't describe how elated I feel to finally know that I am incredibly close to achieving debt free status in the respect of defaulted accounts. Even if I don't, I have the leeway to go over by a few months should I need it, but I will aim to do my very best to ensure that they are cleared sooner rather than later. 

Then... tackle the student debt (£7390.74 as I log in to check now) whilst saving for a house and hopefully doing a masters degree! 
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