Voluntary Severance Offered, but second phase of cost savings mean Statutory Redundancy

I work for a company and there is currently a program of redundancies and other cost saving measures in place that will span over 4 months, in 2 phases.

Phase 1 has started now and we are 10 days into the 45 day consultation period  There is around 150 staff currently at risk of redundancy with around 100 that will be made redundant at the end of the period, by 30 September.  I am one of those 150 staff.

They are offering a Voluntary Severance of 6 months salary, that would for me be about £16k.  However, they are being a bit untoward, as if you want to apply for VS you have until 31.8.20. However they are not releasing the re deployment roles until September.

Therefore to me this is so everyone at risk applies for VS, as if they want you to apply for a role they will reject your VS request. If they reject your request then they would have to give you a job I assume.  if they don't they will accept it.  If you do not apply for VS at all and do not get a job then you get statutory redundancy only.  Which for me would be £5k.

My question is I know that one of the newly created merged roles, my current role for 5 years and another role that I have 20 years experience in is targeted at me. So although I am applying for VS, as nothing is guaranteed, I know they will reject it, because they are merging 2 roles into 1 ,so they need someone that can do both and is hard working to attempt to manage the workload, which even for me will be really hard and in my department that is only me.

Having a job at the end of this 45 day consultation is good, but phase 2 that starts in Nov, is Voluntary cut in hours, voluntary cut in pay and a change to the T&Cs of your role, in addition if they still have not met their savings target then compulsory redundancies.

So if they reject my VS request, i will be doing a job that was previously done by 2 people, they could still cut my hours, pay or even make me redundant in a few months and instead of getting £16k in sept i could get £5k in Nov/Dec. 

So should they have to honour the VS request figure if they make me redundant in Nov, As they would have rejected me in Sept, which in 2 months would cost me £11k? I would understand if it was 6 months later or 12, but to still make me redundant 2 months later seems wrong to me when I have requested to go!

If you could advise  if there is any legal action that I could take if that happened?.



  • Thrugelmir
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    Unsure why they would reject your VR request to make you compulsory redundant a few months later.  They will have a new structure for the business in mind. 

    Likewise the future is uncertain. Business plans will continually evolve and change. Any "legal action" you may have from a perspective of being an employee will only relate to employment law. Though if the business is in that dire a situation maybe a futile act in any event. 
  • getmore4less
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    If the job being created is not what you want and not actually doable  you can make noises like that job can't be done by one person someone will have to prioritise what will get left or passed to other people...

    That is what consultation is there for, its two way process. 
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