New to DRO please help


This is my first time posting.

I had a debt management plan with Stepchange and have kept up my monthly repayments.

My circumstances have now changed due to a mental health breakdown and marriage breakdown.

Since my DMP, 4 additional loans have been taken out in my name and I’ve signed them whilst under influence of strong medication and not being in any frame of mind to argue or think clearly about it.

I contacted stepchange today regarding a debt relief order and updated the new debts in my name with them. 

I am really scared about this and took me a lot of courage to call them, I felt like a fraud and I’m just on the brink of another breakdown about this.

Can anyone who has had a DRO tell me your experience with it. I’m worried it won’t even get approved. I earn £1200 a month, my outgoings are £1350 and my debt in total is £10,670.

Thank you x


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