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Click to win comps

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Hi, I was just wandering if anyone ever wins on the click to win comps? I do the mag daily comps that have an end date but the click to wins seem to have been there so long I wonder if anyone ever wins and if they are worth the effort of entering?!


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    People have won but the potential odds are extraordinary these days - A competition on say only 100 of their sites and open for 2 months gives a possible 6,000 entries per person - some are more than that and some are less but you get the idea - if there are 1,000 people doing the lot that would be 6,000,000 entries for one competition plus all the "regular" people who might only do a few of the available sites (the bauer magazine sites always try to direct you to the CTWs).

    It's a far cry from when they started, prizes were much more valuable and might only be on 2 or 3 sites, more than 8 was rare (a £3,000 prize was on one site and only open for 5 weeks - giving a maximum of 35 entries per person) - the specialist sites gardening/fishing/motorcycling etc had competitions that related to the interest and were just on 2 or 3 sites - I won a £700 lawnmower among many other prizes.

    Looking at their competitions on an old post  - £500 cash 1 site - £700 tickets and break 2 sites - £1,200 camping kit 2 sites - £1000 break and spend 2 sites - £1,600 horse stuff 3 sites - £1,000 fishing stuff 1 site - £400 Tesco vouchers 6 sites.- £466 kitchen stuff 6 sites 
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