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edited 17 July 2021 at 3:47PM in It's gone, but was it any good?
I can't for the life of me find the old Poundstretcher thread, so am starting a new one. (Mods please feel free to resurrect and merge if possible).

As we came out of lockdown last month, I saw my favourite Christmas treat panettone (750g) reduced to £1.49, exp eo June 2020. I didn't buy any, as I still have plenty of Aldi's luxury version which I managed to get early in the New Year at the same price.

Yesterday I dropped by the huge store in Romford and they were selling huge panettonne-like trefoil shaped cakes called "Colomba" in standard and chocolate chip varieties, 1kg for 59p for those that were BB 15.07.2020. (Those that are in date are £1). Smells just like panettone but gather from Google they are actually an Easter cake, which explains the shape. There was also a large variety of Italian bagged biscuits which I avoided (flavours included coconut, orange, lemon) because once a bag is open it needs to be finished fast. I did however buy a pack of 8 individually wrapped cranberry cookies for £1, and a pack of wrapped Nice biscuits (10 packs of ?4) for £1. When I got home I found that these little continental delights are in fact made in Bangladesh. 

I was then tempted by a jar of Mellow Birds (channelling my inner Joanna Lumley complete with straw reminder of a romp in a field) for £2.79 rather than the RRP of £2.99. It allegedly makes 120 cups, but I used 3 teaspoons in my large mug but still, 40 cups for the price of a single Costa latte works fine by me. I'd actually gone in to look for a bucket, and came out with a 26L trug  :D
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