Second Home Stamp Duty

Hi all, so I have just exchanged on a property at 290,000 and I'm currently still in the process of selling my previous residence. I know I will have to pay the extra second home stamp duty but will I be able to claim this back still once my first home sells in the next fortnight. 
Currently, with the new rules of stamp duty I am only paying the second home stamp duty bit. however, I cant seem to find any advice on if I would get all the stamp duty back via refund once my first house sells. 
As previously if you sell your second home and only have one property you are able to claim, any advice is welcome. 


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    If you are selling one primary residence to buy another and the new property completes before the old one sells then the second property SDLT is payable at time of purchase.

    If you subsequent sell the old primary residence within the time limit (I think 3 years), you can get the second property SDLT repaid.

    I am surprised your conveyancing solicitors could not advise you on this.
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    The SDLT tax holiday makes no difference.
    You will pay the extra 3% and then get it back as long as you sell within 3 years.
    I do though seem to recall , if you are selling within 30 days, its possible to get a delay on paying the extra. I may be misremembering but worth checking into? Or am i hallucinating?
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    I have been told this by my solicitors but they have been awful to deal with and now I don't trust them, so i wanted to get a second opinion. 
    The 30 day thing is fraud as I did ask this previously as you do not have to file stamp duty legally for 14 days but its still fraud according to my solicitors 
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