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need help and advice

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hi all, im a newbie at this sort of thing, never used forums before so bare with me. im in a mess completely. ive just come out of a 2 year relationship which has totally destroyed me completely (god i loved her, still do but its over) i have a roof over my head but thats it, just a chair, and a rug. my problem here is i had everything and now ive nothing. hard to adjust. i lost my job through covid19 and not on benefits as theres a backlog. i dont know where to turn. ive no food at all and tried the food banks but none close to me, ive tried loan companies but all refusing me, some say my acc and sort code dont work but they do {Details removed by Forum Team}. ive family around me but im the black sheep of the family, none talk to me, you see i never agreed with what they did when i was young (sexually abused) so we drifted and i have looked out for myself since i was 15. just feels like the whole world has come to an end, i ask myself "whats the point in this anymore" where do i go from here? all i do is sit and cry all day, hurt so much. if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great.....thanks guys for reading. stay safe 


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    Dont go and get a loan, it wont help.
    Yes there may be a backlog for benefits but get yourself registered, it will put food on the table.
    There are charities you could speak to, christians against poverty or capuk is 1, salvation is another.
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