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Mobile Phone Debt

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Where do i begin....  I have 3 mobile phone lines in my name and was fine as they were for family members.  But then i encountered some serious mental health issues and had to hand control of my finances to a 3rd party to manage them.  things seemed fine until today i have received my account back and have realised that the mobile phone bills have not been paid since i became ill (over 2 years ago).  There is now an outstanding amount of £2471.25 on the account, so i contacted vodafone to see if i can arrange a payment plan for this and to question why they have let it run up so high without any sort of contact or restrictions put in place to stop this but they aren't concerned about that they are just saying they want the money in 3 months and the lines will stay open,  or i can pay over 6 months but the line will be restricted.   I wondered if there is any help or advice about for me on how to deal with this.  I have returned to work but am only on part time hours at present so although i have offered to pay them it would not be only say £100 a month rather than the £400 plus over 6 months they are asking for.


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    Further more vodafone have also durin this period provided a new mobile phone and contract to one of the lines at an increased line rental rate to the previous one this was done while there was still a huge amount of debt on the account and no mention was made about it.   Oh and a head up due to my illness i am classes as a vulnerable adult of which i have made vodafone aware of on occasion before.
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    Buy a PAYG sim card, use that instead, repay the debt at a rate you can afford, not what Vodafone demands.
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