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Need help on deciding which business scheme to sign up for.... Monat Global vs The Body Shop At Home

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Need help on deciding which business scheme to sign up for.... Monat Global vs The Body Shop At Home

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LamyHLamyH Forumite
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Hey guys,
I recently had a Zoom meeting with someone who had worked with a beauty company called Monat Global - and their job was to promote the companies products on social media (Instagram) and they got paid for their work. I was looking up Monat Global and apparently they are somewhat controversial - the promotion job that I was offered apparently is not legitimate and the company have been in lawsuits. Is this true and is this company truly trustworthy? And is the social media promotion job a legitimate and good one that earns good money - what do you know of the company?

I was also contacted by someone who offered to manage me under The Body Shop at Home - where I was offered the same job which was to promote the Body Shop's products on social media (Facebook) - is this scheme a legitimate one and does it earn good money? And so I'm not being lied to is the Body Shop a truly trustworthy company?
I'm just trying to decide which job is better and which one is more worth my time.


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    Your first question would be which brand have you personally bought from on Instagram as that will be a clue as to which is likely to be popular amongst your followers. Also do you have thousands of followers likely to buy these products? I suppose that depends on what your current content is, if for example your current content is about disused air raid shelters then perhaps pressure selling beauty products might not work, however if you are lifestyle, clothes makeup etc then perhaps you will get a few sales. However be aware that many of us are completely sick of everyone pushing things like Avon and Body shop (and all the others) on every single social media platform. I rarely ever use instagram but facebook is annoying enough and would actually unfollow people who try and pressure sell this sort of stuff. So, it could be a risk that you alienate your current followers and actually lose subscribers so keep that in mind.

    Remember as well that any income you do make from this will be potentially taxable.

    Incidentally I had never heard of Monat and just took a look, they are a US based company and have super high prices- are your followers likely to want to pay the equivalent of £30 for a shampoo, and have you checked out where the stock is held as you may have import issues.
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    Both are MLM's. Look at both of their compensation plans and how much the average consultant earns per year. Most people lose money in these schemes. I'd be very wary of it as a way to make money unless you have a huge SM following and feel OK making money off vulnerable people (Thats what they do - predatory marketing). 
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    You risk alienating friends and loosing money by doing any MLM. There will be pressure to buy kit to keep up sales targets and to recruit people under you so you make money through them having to buy kit. Is this really what you want?
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