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R40 form - Gift aid question help.

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R40 form - Gift aid question help.

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edited 9 July at 8:11PM in Reclaim PPI & Other Insurance
re the R40 form and the questions concerning gift aid (8.1 - 8.4) - can anyone help clarify whether question 8.1 (Gift aid payments made in the year of claim) means either (A) the total sum I gave to charity or (B) the actual gift aid amount (only)  that the charity claimed back?  (OR is it (C) - the amount I donated plus the amount the charity reclaimed?    I've read the notes and I'm confused so just wanted to see if someone could point me in the right direction.  I think I simply have to put the total amount I donated to charity (and ignore/not worry about any gift aid that the charity reclaimed) but I'm not completely sure.
I guess question 8.3 (Total of any one off payments included in box 8.1) will be the same figure as 8.1 - (as the amounts I've given to charity in the tax year in question have been one off and are not regular donations)

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