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I have been banned by Activision with no reason given and no right of appeal. It may well be in their terms and conditions but I bought a game from a third party, Blizzard, which allowed me access to extra equipment in Call of Duty Warzone. Following the ban I cannot play Warzone online but additionally, I cannot access the stand alone game that I paid for. What are my rights regarding the stand alone game? Is it right that my character can be besmirched without the right of addressing the matter?


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    You do not have any 'rights' to a game. When buying a game, you just are allowed access to it, if you break their terms and conditions, that is your fault and no legal options would be able to help you.

    You could be part of this ban wave; I dont' really follow call of duty news, so not sure if it is an accidentally, or these bans were legitimate. 
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    If they dont offer a chance to appeal it then your stuffed.
    Just a thought but maybe call them out on twitter, you might be better off contacting others in the same position, more likely to get the account back as a group.
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