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Lidl weekend offers for Friday 17 July

in Gone Off!
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duncanthedogduncanthedog Forumite
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For Scotland (cos that's where I live)


  • duncanthedogduncanthedog Forumite
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    Cheese - maybe if I am in the shop anyway
    Toilet paper - NO, it is not even worth it at that price
    Refuse sacks - seldom use them now and have a cupboard full
    Kitchen Foil - Good bargain at that price but I don't need any, this offer comes round quicker than I use it.

  • od244051od244051 Forumite
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    Cheese - maybe
    Bin Bags - I hardly use these as use the kitchen bin liners and  put full bags of these in the wheelie bin
    Foil - No as I got Lakeland's excellent foil and took me 9 years to use their biggest roll and only opened a new one 1.5 years ago (I write the date on first use on the box)
    Loo rolls - no. During the loorollgate, I was doing a shop before surgery (unable to drive for 4 weeks) at Lidl. Customers were only allowed to buy one pack. Couple in front of me asked if they could buy a 2nd pack separably. Cashier said no. From the position of the till, cashier could see that there was no loo roll left. I had no loo roll in my shopping. Cashier asked me nicely could I do a favour and by the loo roll (9 pack) as if she put it on the shelf, it would be fought over by at least 6 customers. I did buy them. Even though I had a 16 pack and a 12 pack at home - bought weeks before loorollgate. Anyway I don't buy 4 pack loo roll. As for four times more money, you can get 2 more loo rolls if you buy the 18 pack.
  • Rosa_DamascenaRosa_Damascena Forumite
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    Is shall un-thank you OP if the cheese isn't on offer in England  :D
    No man is worth crawling on this earth.

    So much to read, so little time.
  • CornucopiaCornucopia Forumite
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    Same offers in England & Wales.

    ex Board Guide

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