I am hoping someone may be able to help. I have tried to get my council banding down as my neighbour is on a lower banding but has a similar house to mine. Unfortunately the VOA have declined this. My question is would they take Energy Performance Certificate as proof (I found this information online) as it shows their square footage is vert slightly bigger than mine. Also is there somewhere I can get the exact square footage of both properties?  

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    Doubtful that they would take notice of an EPC, they're probably not 100% accurate in their calculation of a property's area and as there are 3 different methods of measuring area may not use the same one as the VOA. The VOA should have details of both properties anyway. As you use the word "similar" I am presuming the 2 houses are not identical. Also if the current owners of the neighbouring house have extended the since CT came into being, then the extension won't be reflected in the band.

    There is nowhere that you can find the exact area of both properties other than the VOA themselves and they have no obligation to disclose that information, but would usually confirm details they have of your home
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