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Hi guys, really hoping you can help here.  Basically we're on a Band D council tax for our little bungalow down here on the South Coast.  We're a one storey house with 2 bed, 1 bath, no garage or conservatory.  We attempted to get the banding reviewed even before Corona started and the VOA just arent willing to help.  We requested someone come down and check the banding too as after reviews the local houses in our road, bigger ones are on lower bands than us, and 2 in particular are massive (we're talking at least double the size of ours, with garages, conservatories, massive gardens and 2 storeys) and they're response was 'we cant' we have nobody available!  Even the neighbours (one of which lives in one of these bigger houses thinks its ridiculous.  We had the value done by an estate agent from the correct time period, and got all the information together they wanted, and they wouldnt even entertain looking to see, even after explaining about the way council tax bands were initially done after the poll tax was abolished.  I think the reason they dont want to do it is they would have to pay us back several thousand £££ in overpaid council tax. 

i'm at a loss about what to do now.  I even wrote to the local MP about it.  My next thought is to contact the cabinet minister for housing.

thanks in advance



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    Band D for a 2 bed bungalow on south coast doesn't seem excessive, especially if it's detached. The VOA have nothing to do with collection of council tax so they won't be worrying about having to refund you! There must be other small bungalows in the area, what bands are they in? What did the MP do?

    What does sound wrong is that much larger houses are in lower bands, especially if they are on the south coast. The VOA should have all the information about your bungalow from when they originally inspected it. Also they can easily view it using Google Maps Streetview, so there is no real reason for them to visit.

    I have never heard of anyone contacting a cabinet minister about their CT band.

    If the VOA have said the band is OK, there is very little you can do.
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