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Newbie comper looking for advice?

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Newbie comper looking for advice?

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Hi all, I've recently gotten into comping. I've been doing online surveys and grabbing freebies whenever I can for years! I'm really excited about trying comping, especially after reading everybodies monthly wins on here. 
Anyway, what I wanted to ask was what would you say are the best sites to enter comps on daily? What are your daily comping routines? How can I be like you guys and sometimes win multiple things in a month? I have been entering all of the Take a Break Puzzle comps and also have been doing the click to wins daily.  
Thank you for reading!


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    My advice is to try comping on different platforms and see which ones you like the best. For example I hate facebook competitions, but I know many people who have great success on them.  After a couple of months, I found out what what worked for me. 
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