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Using 30 hours @ private nursery & paying for school Nursery?

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Using 30 hours @ private nursery & paying for school Nursery?

tinkerbell34tinkerbell34 Forumite
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Has anyone ever used their full 30 hours at private nursery & just paid for school nursery, with the pre school having none of our funded hours? Would they even consider this?!

Context being it now looks like working from home is going to be a long term thing even if it’s not every day & current private nursery if near work not near home - so thinking about putting him in local school nursery for 1 day if they agreed (apparently they are pretty flexible - calling them soon but just wanting to gauge experiences).

Private nursery 30 hours spread over the year pays for 2 days nice and simple, & pay for extra days on top (1 day as I work 3 days a week). Would get pretty messy to use 6 hours term time at school nursery and then the rest over the year at private so would just be easier to simply pay for for the 1 day at pre school.  

I don’t know if this is even a thing! I know
you can split the hours, & private nursery would happily just have us pay £ but not sure about the other way round. 

Thanks :) 
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