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Wedding cost query

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Now weddings are resuming my local area is saying in certain registry office locations they will only be allowing the couple and 2 witnesses in and in other offices it will be the maximum 30 people that the Government have stated. Regardless of the amount of people the ceromony will only be the basics of what is needed for the ceromony to be legal and last 10-15 mins. As we have paid for the full ceromony and will probably only be getting a basic ceromony how does that stand regarding the cost - should we get a discount as we are not getting the service we paid for or are we stuck with paying full price?


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    What's the difference between the basic service and the service that you had paid for?

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    The service we paid for was £430 and would have been 30-45 minutes long with and a maximum of us and 75 guests including the witnesses although we would only be expecting about 20-25 guests.  It currently looks lie the same venue would only be us and 2 witnessess and the ceromony would only be 10-15 minutes.  They list a basic ceromony in a different building at £46 and as we haven't given notice yet we would be happy to swap venue to the cheaper location if they will allow us but the original cost includes a £200 non-refundable deposit.
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    You could ask, but suspect they will state the difference will be used for additional cleaning that is required.
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