Mortgage Worries

Hi everyone hope you are well. Quick question, we are almost 6 years discharged and looking to move house soon. I thought our credit file was ‘squeaky clean’ but upon getting a full equifax report I can see that there are two ‘1’s’ for my mortgage in 2015. One in May and one in July. I must have paid a few days late I honestly can’t remember. Have I ruined my chances?? Feeling so rubbish xx 


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    You haven't ruined your chances, but as always, speak to a broker, it may complicate matters slightly. 
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    Keep to one thread - but you already have a mortgage so dont worry.
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    What’s the issue on these boards with keeping to one thread?? I don’t get it? Surely some people will visit the bankruptcy forum who don’t visit the mortgage forum? Also I don’t have a mortgage? But thanks for your time!
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    You might find staying with the same lender helps. Two late payments 5 years ago isnt the end of the world, its probably less impactful than the payment holidays many have been forced to take of late.

    Its worth bearing in mind though that lenders are rather more risk averse now than they have been of late, due to fears of increased unemployment and a less boyant housing market. The main things I suspect will be affordability and LTV. Due to the bankrupcy i'd look to use a broker (although it won't show in credit history, the have you ever been bankrupt question will factor in)
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