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I have unfortunately been made redundant as of the end of July. I have been working from my employer for 2.5years and according to my contract my notice period is 2 weeks.
They have told me 5 weeks before.

My question is, am I owed my 2week notice pay (PILON) from my employer, because at the moment the government are paying my 80% furlough. Therefore I am not getting my 2 weeks notice payment directly from my employer. 

And if I am not owed this as it’s covered by my furlough pay, should I request the 20% top up for those two weeks from my employer? 
Any help would be much appreciated.


  • I believe you are contractually entitled to 100% of your pay for two weeks and that this would be made up of 80% for furlough arrangement and 20% from the employer.  (It's not PILON (pay in lieu of notice) as you have received notice.)
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    I can think of two reasons why you should be paid your notice at 100%. So I'd say yes to that, but bear in mind they can give you notice and keep you employed for the two weeks; this makes more sense for them as they can claim 2 weeks pay from HMRC to cover 80% of your notice pay.

    Also redundancy pay?
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    There is no PILON as you have been given notice of redudancy. The redundancy pay they have to pay themselves. For the last two weeks you should ask for the 20% top up of pay as that is your notice period.

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    I've just been put in a similar situation as you, and my work have said to me that I will receive my normal furlough 80% pay and then the weeks notice period they've given me (In line with my contract) they will top that up to make it 100% pay for that week.
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