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IFA or DIY - any thoughts appreciated

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  • BritishInvestorBritishInvestor Forumite
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    Got directed here from the more recent "to use an IFA or not" thread. The debate seems to have run its course, but I know Vanguard do have a FTSE UK Equity income fund. But with the UK market-cap indices yielding so high anyway Vs global indices, is there an argument that you could get plenty of UK equity income (emphasis on the income) exposure via a FTSE 100 or FTSE all share tracker, or even the FTSE 250 going off current yields.
    You might want to consider the potential downsides of a UK equity income approach
  • PrismPrism Forumite
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    mark13 said:
    If you happy to check funds, shares, trusts etc then I would say DIY.  Its fairly simple to find information on the internet and to build a portfolio of funds to generate income and growth. By comparison my IFA managed portfolio is still down YTD and my own ISA portfolio is considerably up . DIY  for me   gives me greater focus and flexibility and doesn't require too much tinkering .

    I think quite a few portfolios - IFA or DIY - are still down or flat for the year. VLS 80 is -0.7% and VLS 60 is at +1.2%. Some would blame the higher UK weighting of something like the VLS range and possibly some IFA run portfolios but it doesn't have to be that way. I have around a 20% UK allocation and that part is positive for the year.
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