Happy days one question re refund

Ive had three very successful results reclaiming PPi over last few months I did it myself and didnt use any companies to do it for me. All the refunds ive had have had tax deducted from the figure by the bank etc. Is this tax shown against myself ? Dumb question i know but just wondered  One claim was with Barclays in regard to a old Egg card which i wrote to Barclays in 2014 re PPI policy and was told there wasnt any policy. I knew that there was anyway after numerous letters etc they agreed they made a mistake and have just refunded me close to £6k, even thou they said the policy wasnt mis sold and this was just the amount in respect of the commisson. With my claim with Nat west and one other so far ive seen £12k in refunds and am still waiting on one with santander I didnt hold out any hope whatsoever when i sent the letters off. Not a bad return for cost of 4 first class stamps and a few phone calls


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