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PayPal Credit Default

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PayPal Credit Default

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itsmescott81itsmescott81 Forumite
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I took out a facility with PayPal credit at Christmas 2017. There is no chance they should have leant to me at the time. My situation was terrible and I had maxed all facilities. 

The following august I placed a complaint with the financial ombudsman regarding irresponsible lending. That October I became very ill which sulminated with heart surgery at the start of February. In this time I had missed two payments 9i had a lot of life threatening things going on). PayPal placed ,y account into default without hesitation. 

The first decision went in my favour with the FOS re irresponsible lending in the March and then it was reveresed upon appeal (apparently they had NEW information that came to light. I at this time had no idea on the default. 

I emailed PayPal and asked about the default to which they thre me around to different people. In one of the emails they said during any enquiry all processes should be halted. This was clearly not the case as they defaulted my account while I was gravely ill. 

While I was ill we moved (end of tenancy) and I did not update PayPal. Again, I clearly had a lot going on. I also presumed everything would be held while under enquiry. 

This has had a huge impact on myself and my family including huge metal trauma. I wanted to buy a house for my family to ensure something was left in case anything should happen to me. This is the only thing on my file preventing me from gaining a mortgage and. A house. 

Can anyone help or advise. I now need surgery again and the stress is too much. All I need is some decency and understanding. I have documented proof of my condition. 

Solicitor’s  way me to pay £1000-2000 on account to “look at it” but I’m not in a position to do that without any type of garuntee. 
Anyone please help!


  • adamp87adamp87 Forumite
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    Sorry to hear about your troubles. 

    Being objective you took a loan out, when if reading your post being honest, you shouldn't of done because of how bad your own by admission financial situation was at the time. That said there's also potential irresponsible lending from Paypal.

    Missing payments despite your condition doesn't really seem to be unfair, they are accurately reporting your credit conduct to the agencies. 

    Your file will improve and you'll still be able to get a mortgage it will just be more difficult, but the longer it's gone the better for you.

    What I would advise, is giving a SAR to Paypal so that you can fully see what's happened. They will have informed you about the default I would have imagined and should have a record of doing so, but it might be best to see all the documentation and get to grips.

    Have they since sold the debt on? If you are struggling, simply repay £1 a month and take the stress away.
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    sourcratessourcrates Forumite, Board Guide
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    I think your reading far too much into one default, I fail to see how that can have caused so much stress, at most it’s an annoyance.
    If it was correctly placed, then it cannot be removed, unless you have a very good reason, and they remove it as a  gesture of goodwill, if it was not correctly placed, for example, the account did not default, then send a written complaint, and escalate to the ICO if necessary, either way, write and explain the situation.
    Paying a solicitor is a waste of your money, they cannot do anything you can’t do.
    Go to a good broker for a mortgage, plenty of people are successful with a far worse credit file than yours.
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  • MinuteNoodlesMinuteNoodles Forumite
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    If you buy a house and die with a mortgage outstanding the only thing you're leaving them is a load of debt and a house they'll have to sell if they can't get a mortgage to cover what is owed.
  • itsmescott81itsmescott81 Forumite
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    they will not let me repay the debt while the investigation is ongoing. This shows a default should not have been -laced while the FSO investigation was ongoing. 
    My point is that. They have manipulated their own stance to suit their own need. 
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