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Anyone else enjoying Stadia?

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Anyone else enjoying Stadia?

edited 4 July at 7:42AM in Gaming MoneySaving
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edited 4 July at 7:42AM in Gaming MoneySaving
I use to have the time for games but don't these days, however I do occasional fire up the Xbox, which is than greeted with 30 mintues of updating increasingly getting less into gaming but I still do like to try some of the AAA titles. 

The whole PS5 launch got me thinking about if I would bother getting one than saw some ads for Stadia. Not tried it before but got an email about a free trial, and ongoing cost is only £8.99/month so why not give it a go???

Destiny 2 running beautifully on a 2013 MacBookPro.

GRID on my S9 with cheapo Bluetooth controller also worked great.

Also found out my Xbox controller works too with no issues even on a Mac :)

Very little latency, similar/better than old UT/Counter strike days from the 00s. Game access/install times are also very impressive and easy, there also appears to be cloud syncing between devices/games. So much easier to access games versus downloading/installing them which can take ages on my Xbox.

You do need a good internet connection, haven't tried in on the TV yet but I recon you will need a hardwired connection for 4k streaming on a 50inch+ display.

Had a few hours free yesterday so really got stuck into GRID and Destiny. Overall am very happy with Stadia for my needs, but my ISP may not be so happy though, can anyone tell when I first started my Stadia trial? 

Lets see how 'unlimited' their unlimited service is, but the money-saving side of me is loving it. No need for new hardware, no need for loading/install times, and at £8.99/month with occupational 'free' games its a price level I can easily accept - verus £500+ for a PS5 + cost of games + online service subscription cost :).


  • gzoomgzoom Forumite
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    Like the jewel in the crown, just doing some email catch up this morning with the work laptop at home, bare in mind I cannot even install WinZip normally without going to IT and begging for admin access.......Do pigs fly?? Well apparently they now do!!

  • MinuteNoodlesMinuteNoodles Forumite
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    Check out Microsoft XCloud. 
  • DandytfDandytf Forumite
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    Check out Microsoft XCloud. 
    I was accepted for X Cloud Beta -didn't get to purchase a Controller.
    Is the Beta Closed.
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