So I had been borrowing from quick quid from roughly 2007 until 2015 and I had a total of 32 loans from them ranging from £100 - £900 .
I estimate borrowing over 25k and paying them over 8k in interest. I put in my complaint for irresponsible lending to witch they initially offered me £1300 compensation. This I refused and decided to take to the financial Ombudsmen, to cut a long story short and after waiting months for any news. They agreed with the FOS to uphold the irresponsible lending for 28 of the 32 loans and also agreed to remove all of those 28 loans from my credit file ...Unfortunately what happens ???? They go into administration and where as I could have been looking at a payout of 6k upwards I will now be lucky if I get £500 in probably another years time. I understand the situation now with them now in administration but as they were going to remove 28 of the loans from my credit file does anyone know if this is something the administrators can still do as this was what they were told by the FOS and they agreed.
 Any advice .....And before you say it I know I am an idiot for getting stuck in the payday loan circle of death ...


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