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Redundancy - Company in administration

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Hi Guys and Girls, new to the site, decided to register after trying to do some research to see what I’m entitled to.

Basically the company I have worked for for the past 15 years Is in administration, upto now we haven’t had any sort of notice period and if I’m honest, I’m not really expecting one, therefore it leaves me with some questions to be asked and hopefully you can help.

1. I’m going to have to claim my redundancy pay and notice pay from the government, is this a straight forward task or do they try and make it awkward?

2. Overtime - for the past 3 months I’ve been furloughed, but before that I was doing around 15 hours a week in overtime, the overtime was compulsory because of my job, I couldn’t just stop in the middle of what I was doing and go home.
will my redundancy be based on my average pay including my overtime? 
If they base it off the past 12 weeks then it’s just 80% of my wages which really isn’t fair under the current circumstances and what’s going on etc.
Is there any way of them going off my previous years earnings to average it out and make it fair?

3. Notice pay - my notice period is 3 months, am I right in thinking if I go straight into another job then whatever I earn in those 3 months gets taken from my notice pay?

4. Benefits? - I’ve never had to claim any benefits in my life so really don’t know how it works, is it just a case of claiming job seekers allowance until I find something?

Thanks in advance, if there’s any other advice people could give or help me in anyway I’d be very grateful.


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    Has an administrator been appointed yet?  They'll help you. 
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    They have been appointed yes, there has been some people made redundant already unfortunately and I’m aware they got a letter from the administrators with some details on to help
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    It is quite straightforward. It is all done online. It is all capped at £538 per week. Claim the Protective Award if more than 20 people at the same location were involved. There's another thread and advice on Gov website.
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    My partner has gone through the same thing.
    An administrator was appointed to look for a buy but after a week the company went in to insolvency and he was made redundant with immediate affect.
    He had an info pack from Deloitte about 3 days later with a guide on what to do, he has claimed redundancy and accrued holiday. He was told 6-10 weeks for payment to be made but was in his bank after 3 weeks, just waiting for an LN number so he can claim his notice period money.
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