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IPA information

Just looking for a general consensus..

I've agreeded to an IPA  of £70 monthly.

My wages vary from 1500-1800 take home..

This was all explained to the OR at a face to face interview pre Covid.

Now, at what point do I inform the OR of a change of income? Say one month I get 1850, the next 1600..

Do I inform them when I'm over the 1800 threshold?


  • mwarbymwarby Forumite
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    You should clarify this with your OR directly, it’s likely they will want to review periodically, but the period will vary case to case. 

    I’d be very wary about not saying based on a post here, if in doubt tell them every wage packet until they tell you otherwise, the alternative could be a shock bill or worse the OR being suspicious 
  • philnicandevanphilnicandevan Forumite
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    The legal way is ANY changes in financial circumstances you will have to inform your receivers office within 21 mwarby said if you did decide to keep mum it's really not reccomended as you could face a bit of troiuble for doing so
    Not quite a newbie as you think ;);) (the member formally known as philnicandamy!)

    FINALLY a qualified CAB debt caseworker 2015..:p
    BSC 58 :D
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