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My work is in the business travel sector and has been hit substantially with Covid 19.
They have recently told me that the job I am currently doing (secondment) will be ending due to Covid 19. I can either go back to my old role which I have not done for over a year which I hated or apply for voluntary redundancy. 
I have applied for voluntary redundancy and I am waiting to see what my offer will be.
To plan for the future I am considering my finances in the following areas.
1. Redundancy breakdown and how much I will get
2. If I can claim back income tax and national insurance contributions if I do not gain new employment in this financial year as I will be under the tax threshold. 
3. What benefits I can claim?

I have moved back into my parents spare bedroom. I pay them rent each month. My mother works full time. My father is medically retired and receives benefits.
I am finding it very difficult to understand if I can claim JSA, Universal Credit or if there are any other additional benefits available. Would I only receive one or would it be a combination of them all? 
If I do claim these, do I still have the option to claim back income tax paid and or national insurance?

I am finding it very difficult to gain information in many of the points above. Is there a guide that anyone can help me with, or can anyone who has gone through something similar give me some information?

Kind regards


  • daveyjpdaveyjp Forumite
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    Use a benefits checker.

    NIC are calculated on each salary payment so no refund due.
    Tax.  You may have to wait until the end of the tax year.  If you get another job your tax payments will continue taking into account your period of unemployment.
  • gwynlasgwynlas Forumite
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    Unless you are over 40 and have many years of service you are unlikely to receive much of a redundancy package and will be outt of a job at these difficult times,
    Would it not be better for you to return to your previous job although you hated it and look for another?
    It is usually much easier to get a job from a job as you have a consistent work record and if the new employer asks why you are leaving you can say seconded role became redundant and you were not happy going backwards
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