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I took up cycling again about a year ago.  I started doing much longer daily rides during lockdown and have discovered chafing ... I have a gel saddle cover, I have padded shorts and lots of chamois cream.  I still get chafing down by my lady bits.  So I think I need a nicer saddle.  How do you choose one?  After all my existing saddle seemed fine when I was doing shorter rides.  In my youth there were what were called ladies’ saddles. The one I have now is what back then I’d have called a boy’s saddle.


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    Dont use a gel saddle cover. Believe it or not a harder saddle is your friend esspecially on longer rides. Esspecially with regards to chaffing. I would get a harder, lady specific saddle. (just do lots of reading of reviews). It will feel hard and maybe sore to begin with but after a week or so you will love it. 
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    1. First ditch the gel cover and don't wear anything under the padded shorts. Too much stuff between you and shell of the sandle will clump and rub.
    2. Check your saddle height, to a first approximation your leg should straight with the heel on the pedal at the bottom of the stroke. Many people sit too low which can lead to rubbing. This may feel very high but is better once you  get used to it.
    3. look at how you are sitting on the saddle, consider if you sitting right at the front or back and move it backwards or forward so you are sitting on it centrally.
    4. If this doesn't do the trick have a look at the angle of the saddle, many women are more comfortable with the nose pointing very slightly downwards.
    5. narrow down  where the problem is, sometimes this is due to a crease or line in the pad in the shorts or the wrong shape saddle.
    6. This where you start spending money: assuming the shorts are ok, try some different saddles, some shops and clubs have saddle libraries so you can try before you buy. Failing that there are plenty nearly new on ebay from other peoples' failed experiments. Saddles vary in width and shape, many shops have devices to measure the width on your sit bones to give a starting point. Try womens and mens, until you find something that works.
    7. You may also wish to read this https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2016/aug/15/team-gb-cycling-saddle-sore-medals 

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