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I am looking for some help many years ago I had a CCJ taken out by SHoosmiths LLP who had purchased the debt from Marks and Spencers who I had a credit card with, I have been paying this back for many years and have noticed that the payment is now sent to DFS Ltd who I cant find any information for and I want to know if I still owe them anything or if the debit is now cleared. I could stop the DD but don't want to lose the good credit rating I have taken years to restore after what was a really bad time a few years back, and would be grateful for nay help.  Many thanks in advance 


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    Shoosmiths are lawyers and will not have purchased the debt. What is the name or company number of the company to which you have been paying over the years?

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    Originally the direct debit was going to Shoosmiths but now it is DFS Ltd who I cant seem to find any details for on line.

    Many thanks for your help
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    The quickest way to answer that question is to contact Shoosmith and find out what's happened.  You should have received some sort of notification of the changes and have every right to query.  When the CCJ was awarded, presumably you were given some sort of paperwork setting out the judgement and associated payment arrangement.  You would then have a starting balance and depending on how long, and how much, you've been paying - you would be able to work out a balance.  If they are continuing to take payment (is it via direct debit) it suggests you still have a balance outstanding - but as I said, give Shoosmith a call.
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    Shoosmiths will have been acting on behalf of Marks and Spencer.
    Funny, nothing comes up under DFS except the sofa people, if the debt and judgement have dropped off your credit file, then they cannot come back again.
    Either phone or write to shoosmiths are ask whats going on.
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    Thanks for your help, unfortunately having moved a few times I cant locate the paperwork. I will call Shoosmiths main number and see how I get on. Thanks all for your help 
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    Yes, shoosmiths are a leading national commercial law firm, so would’ve been acting for M&S.

    I can find a DFS Limited but nothing about them. On companies house they’re described as a lighting company,..nothing for DFS LTD.

    Agree with contacting shoosmiths.

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