Companies house can't file accounts via webfiling

About to go into penalty period i.e accounts overdue and I'm unable to file accounts via webfiling I've left 5 messages via customer complaints no replies since 1st message left 1 week ago + currently phone lines are closed
Error messages keep logging me out then it's an issue with  cookies I've obtained error codes/line codes and I've tried a different browser than chrome has anyone got any clue what to do when you can't physically speak to a person & no replies to messages to date I've spent approx 12 hours total trying to sort this any help appreciated


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    Hey There, 
    I had this issue before when helping a friend do her returns. She was extremely worried about it all, had left accounts to the last minute, had muddled through a full corporation tax return by herself (with a bit of help from MSE) and the website had failed multiple times when trying to submit. 
    When I finally got in touch with them on her behalf, they were really helpful, immediately removed the penalty charge and resolved the online processing issue for her quickly. I got the definite impression that they were completely in support of small businesses trying to do the right thing. 
    Can only suggest trying to get in touch again, I've had the best luck contacting them mid-afternoon. 
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