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Hi guys,
I could really use some advice please. I have just had an annual review and my payment has risen by £70 per month even though my pay has decreased this year compared to last year. I have been online onto the self service portal and asked for it to be reviewed, they wrote back to me saying that they have looked into the matter and nothing can be done as my salary hasn’t dropped less that 25%? Well that’s my point of it hasn’t dropped by 25% then it should stay exactly as it was before right? So I call up Cms and finally get to speak to someone, they start by telling me that they can’t really do anything due to the amount of staff being on furlough but then said that if I have had a reply stating that my case has been reviewed and they have given a verdict then there is absolutely nothing I can do to change it other than log into the Cms self portal and speak to someone on there. Now when you leave a message on that site you get a message saying someone will be in contact within 12 weeks?! I only have 30
days to appeal this decision. A long story short the guy at Cms said the only thing I can do now is take it  to the small claims court. So they change my payment unlawfully then don’t let me speak to anyone to amend it then tell me to take them to court? If I don’t pay the extra money they will just slap a DOE on me. The system is broken and they are abusing their power can any one give me some advice please? 

Thanks in advance 

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