IMFS/JC International - chasing unknown debt

Has anyone had any dealings with IMFS? seems to be on behalf of IGO4 who I had car insurance with 2016 as far as I was aware was paid in full. The last contact I had was them sending proof of new claims which I don’t think they do until
policy is up to date.

I received this email numerous times into junk/spam, can’t see anything on credit file reflecting this though so unsure what my next steps should be - I’m guessing there must be outstanding balance and I’ve changed address since I’ve taken out the policy, I haven’t responded to any emails yet.

Who should I contact as their seems to be 3 different companies involved, IGO4, IMFS and JC International, Thanks in advance 

Our Ref:  
Client Name:  JC International Acquisition, LLC
Client Reference: 
Creditor Name: IGO4 LIMITED
Portal Passcode: 

Balance Due:  £69.85

Please contact IMFS urgently on 0113 350 8520 quoting 

Our efforts will continue until this matter is resolved.
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