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Pet Food Pouch Recycling

Hi all! 
I've recently discovered this scheme which collects pet food pouches to be recycled.
Food pouches from our little feline make up the bulk of our non-recyclable rubbish, so I'm keen to use it.  When you donate you can redeem points which turn into donations for a charity of your choice (from a list). 

Does anyone have any experience with it? 
In particular, whats the best way to wash the pet food pouches? Cutting down the side and flattening them out for a wash, or keeping them whole filling with soapy water? I know that for us to stick to this, we'll need a method that's not a pain in the bum. Myself and the OH use a dishwasher almost exclusively, and i'm guessing they shouldn't go in there! :wink:

Please move this if it's in the wrong section - I figured people on this board might have been more likely to have used this before. 


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