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Worked for 25 years full time, will my redundancy pay be based on the 5 years I worked reduced hours

abains78abains78 Forumite
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Afternoon all,

I really need some advise regarding redundancy pay. 

My company is currently going through the redundancy process and has informed me that I may be at risk. When I asked about a breakdown of redundancy pay, they directed me towards the redundancy pay calculator on gov website. 

However, I need clarification on what I will be entitled too. I have worked at the company for 30 years under a full time contract. In 2015, I had to reduce my hours per week due to doctors orders & I’m still working these part time hours. I did not sign a new contract for a reduction in hours, instead I gave a doctors note each year. 

My question is , would my redundancy pay be based on me working full time for 25 years, or based on me working part time for the last 5 years?

Thank you for your help!!


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